All Digital Week 2020

ALL DIGITAL Week 2020 was organised by 20 national partners, was kindly supported by Certiport, and run in strategic partnership with major European organisations: Lifelong Learning Platform, Europeana, Public Libraries 2030, CEPIS, and European Cybercrime Centre of Europol.

Twenty national partners  joined the campaign this year. ALL DIGITAL Week 2020 was happening in unprecedented circumstances in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, when things were changing every day, and all partners had to transform their work immediately to respond to the crisis.

The campaign was still launched in a face-to-face event on 10 March in Brussels and was streamed online. 27 representatives of civil society organisations, educators and media literacy practitioners gathered for the event “Get Your Facts Straight! Fighting disinformation and fake news through media literacy”. It was also the launch of the Get Your Facts Straight Campaign organised by ALL DIGITAL and its partners in the project of the same name. In the keynote “How well do you know your digital self?”, Olga Gkotsopoulou from VYB talked about the research on young people pondering upon fake news, data protection and their democratic competences. The panel discussion “Fighting disinformation and fake news through media literacy” participants talked about how we can empower citizens to become critical thinkers, if there is the best formula for successful educational programmes on media literacy, and who should be involved in such programmes to be efficient. The panellists were:

  • Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck, CEO and Founder, Lie Detectors
  • Paolo Cesarini, Head of Unit Media convergence and Social media, DG CNECT, European Commission
  • Flavio Grazian, European Democracy Coordinator at European Citizens Action Service
  • Clara Hanot, Advocacy and Fundraising Officer at EU Disinfolab

The recording of the event is available on ALL DIGITAL YouTube channel.

That was the last face-to-face event we had in 2020. For the campaign itself, we encouraged all partners to move the events online even if there were no quarantine measures in the countries (yet). A lot of the events had to be cancelled, while still quite a few were moved online. Most of the partners had to adjust their work to become help desks to answer the most important issues, the main being schools on quarantine, teachers trying to move to distance learning and parents trying to work from home and entertain and support their kids.

To support our partners, we have created Stay at Home Digital Toolkit – collection of resources in English for learning and leisure taken from various lists and groups in the ‘education and training’ communities. We have also organised a series of video interviews where our members shared their experience of working in the pandemic and how they supported their communities. We have also called to encourage stay home and learn online. We suggested the campaign Stay Home and Learn Online – to motivate each other and the general public during the upcoming weeks to learn at least one thing digital and share about it with the hashtag #learn1thingdigital. It could be any digital skill or any skill involving digital – for example, learning how to make video calls or take a virtual tour  of a museum for the first time; how to distinguish disinformation online, retouch a photo or host a webinar – the list is endless.

We realize more than ever that digital and media literacy skills are crucial, and many of our partners have been working extremely hard during these days supporting their communities – be it through training teachers in online learning, running a helpdesk to answer technical questions, developing  new resources or 3D printing protective equipment.

We are truly humbled by the work of our members and their partners! In partners’ blogs on Unite-IT you can learn the results of the campaign in Extremadura/Spain, Lithuania, Italy, Croatia, and all events can be found on the events map.

In video interviews our partners share stories from Croatia / CTC Rijeka, Germany / Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Italy / Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Lithuania / Langas I Ateiti, Spain / AUPEX, from Certiport and their partners across Europe.

Thank you all organisers and participants! To learn more about the campaign –

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