International events of All Digital Week 2022

This year, ALL DIGITAL with our project partners and members will run a number of online events in English. You are welcome to join any or all!

Please note that most registration forms will take you to the main ALL DIGITAL website.

All the times are in Central European Time (CET) (Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, etc.).

Week 1

(14-18 March)

Enhancing digital skills and promoting digital inclusion and accessibility
Supported by    
14 March 
All Digital Weeks Launch Event: Enhance your digital skills(agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
15 March 
Diesis Network: ”Social Economy towards digital and social inclusion”. Online workshop on EU digital projects (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
18 March 
Media Literacy for Parents: project’s final webinar organised by European Parents’ Association (EPA) (information) (summary) (registration)
Week 2
(21-25 March)
Fostering digital literacy and tackling disinformation
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21 March
Week 2 launch event – Webinar on ‘Fostering  digital skills and the value of certification” (co-organised with Certiport) (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
23 March


ACTIon webinar: How to… support young people to use digital tools for active participation (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
24 March


Joint webinar on Amelie and CrAL projects: Innovative approaches to enhancing media literacy of students and teachers (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
Week 3
(28 March – 1 April)
Promoting the use of the European Digital Competence Framework  (DigComp) 
28 March


Week 3 launch event – “The Digital Competence Framework 2.2 (DigComp)”  webinar (co-organised with JRC) (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
29 March 


Biblio webinar : BIBLIO – exchanging ideas on transforming libraries in the digital age (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
30 March 


Transval-EU webinar: Digital skills as transversal skills (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
30 March
The development of the Hungarian DigKomp System to assess and improve the digital competence of citizens  – webinar provided by Digital Success Program (Hungary) (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
Week 4 Achieving cybersecurity and safer internet
Supported by
4 April
Week 4 launch webinar: Cybersecurity and safer internet within modern societies  (co-organised with Microsoft) (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
Week 5 Improving STEM and STE(A)M skills for society and encouraging girls’ and women’s participation in STEM studies and careers
11 April


Week 5 launch event – Improving STEM and STE(A)M skills for  society and encouraging girls’ and women’s participation in STEM studies and careers (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)
12 April


EQUALS-EU webinar – How do we make gender equality a reality? (agenda) (summary) (registration)(video recordings)
13 April


Webinar: Policy recommendations to STE(A)M-on Education (agenda)(registration)(summary) (video recordings)
14 April  14:00-15:30 Closing event : Enhance your digital skills! A look ahead and members’ success stories (agenda) (registration) (summary) (video recordings)