All Digital Weeks 2022 in Slovenia – Simbioza’s experience

Within the All Digital Weeks 2022 campaign, Simbioza’s activities were carried through our three sustainable projects: Simbioza BTC City Lab, Simbioza Mobiln@ and Simbioza Community.

Within Simbioza BTC City Lab, we have executed more than 23 workshops for the elderly, since they are our main target group. Despite some the still existing limitation and restrains due to Covid-19, we were able to organized and executed both; face-to-face and online workshops and courses. The face to face workshops were executed for the elderly participants with basic digital skills on no digital skills at all. While the online workshops brought more advanced digital content to our elderly participants. Among others we have also organized a workshop together with representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia on the topic of e-public services.

Through activities within Simbioza BTC City Lab we have also executed the closing event of the program called Work in Tech. The programme provided training and qualification for women aged 18 and over for a job in IT support. 54 women successfully completed the program. The closing event was also attended by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Peter Geršak, who awarded the participants with official certificates. Within the All Digital Weeks campaign 2022 we also executed additional online workshops within our project Girls Do Code. It is a program which provides a free coding course for girls between 10 and 11 years from all over Slovenia. This year we have more than 400 girls involved in the program. The online event within the All Digital Weeks campaign 2022 was unique, since we have for the first time given to girls involved in the program the opportunity to meet and to get to know each other, share their experience and learn together.

Within our project Simbioza Mobil@ – a mobile classroom on wheels, we have organized 7 visits in different parts (mostly in rural areas) in Slovenia. In this way we reached those who do not usually have easy access to knowledge providers and educational resources in the field of ICT and contributed in bridging the ICT education gap between urban and rural areas in Slovenia. Within Simbioza Mobiln@ we have executed different ICT workshops for different aged groups.

180 different organizations (primary schools, high schools, libraries etc,) which are part of Simbioza Community project were weakly informed on the topics of the campaign. Organizations within the Simbioza Community organize during the whole year different ICT courses, workshops mainly for elderly in the local environments. During the campaign we encouraged them to add some activities related to the topic of each week. And of course we were also active on our social media.

We estimate that more than 1000 people were actively involved in the events in Slovenia during the All Digital Weeks campaign 2022.