Analysis of the first 50.000 Get Online Week 2013 survey participants

GOW13_Stats-50000HGIn the early afternoon today, the number of GOW 2013 survey participants reached 50.000 ! A good figure to extract some statistics and tell you more about the #GOW2013 participants and their internet and computer usage habits.


From all participants, 57 % are female, so girls and women seem to be more interested in internet activities and learning digital skills.

For this year, young people are among the target groups of GOW 2013  – and YES! – 57% of our participants are younger than 24.

Economically active respondents (25-54) make 25 % from all, and only 17 per cent are 55 and older.  The figures can be different from country to country, but the general trends are similar. 54% from all are students – from primary, secondary, vocational and high schools. 26% of all respondents are employed and only 9% of those that we have reached with our survey are unemployed.


Internet/computer usage habits

From all the employed respondents, 89%  confirmed that they do use computer and internet for daily job tasks. 11% are the ones yet to apply digital technologies to their job duties.

From those that are unemployed, 65 % use internet for job search. But there are 35 % who don’t do that – and they definitely need the help of their community centres.

From retired respondents there is a group of professional users, as 26% tells that they use the internet on a daily basis. 23% of the retired group used the computer for the first time this week!


Article written by Mara Jakobsone, Chair of Telecentre-Europe