2019: Communities for digital every day


Foundation for Community Network for the  fourth time will be the Hungarian partner for the ALL DIGITAL Week 2019.

Several events will be organized in Hungary: a priority programme, a national conference in Kajdacs, and a few workshop days with webinar presentations in small settlements, Kunfehértó and Kaszaper.

Safe Internet Conference in Kajdacs is organized in three sections for telecottage staff, the theme is safe Internet, gamification and good solutions for telecottages. The participants of the conference will also participate in the digital invasions as part of the Digital Invasions project.   At least 10-15 partner organizations and 50 people are expected to attend the conference.

ComNet will encourage participating telecottages to hold daily events during this week.

At the workshops, ComNet will also present webinars for the following topics:

1. Smart city, smart village. Speaker: László Z. Karvalics
2. Remote administration for customer gate (corporate gate management, civil affairs (, 1%, etc.). Rapporteur: Dr. Attila Kancsár
3. Media Wiki and other online tools (DIGINV,; to preserve local traditions. Speaker: Andrea Vincze
4. The professions of the future. Speaker: Hajnalka Fülöp,
5. How to address the digital generation? Speaker: Mónika Miklya Luzsányi
6. Modern online marketing tools, social networking sites, doodle, digital storytelling, webinar, QR code. Speaker: Márta Kovács
7. Smartphone from selection to administration. Speaker: Gábor Betyár
8. Finding a job with the social media toolbox. Speaker: Márta Kovács
9. IT Security in Everyday Life. Artist: Gergő Nagy
10. Elderly Learning. Rapporteur: Katalin Dr. Baracsi

With the campaign ComNet plans to involve 1,300 people.

Contact: Ms. Agnes Takacs