2019: Fostering Digital Skills

In 2019, eSkills Malta Foundation for the second time will lead the ALL DIGITAL Week activities in Malta.

The eSkills Malta Foundation is a National Digital Coalition with founding members coming from Government, Education, Industry and Technology. The Foundation’s mandates include that of contributing to policies relating to digital skills, increasing basic and advanced digital skills, developing the IT profession, energizing the education being provided, and leading digital campaigns.

For the ALL DIGITAL Week 2019, the eSkills Malta Foundation will be engaging with a number of stakeholders to carry out initiatives and events relating to digital skills and knowledge, as well verging on digital policies.  The Foundation also strives to include topical subjects relating to eskills in every pillar of education, society, ICT industry and industry.  Audience will include various levels from secondary students to adults.  The subjects of the events will include various digital areas of interest.

The campaign is promoted through major local newspapers, television, websites and social media.

Together with its 20 partners, eSkills Malta Foundation will engage 400 people.

Twitter: @DigitalSkillsMT

Contact: Bernadette Zerafa

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