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For the fourth time, Programa Escolhas (Choices Programme, PE) led the ALL DIGITAL Week in Portugal as a National Partner.

The campaign activities were promoted and implemented with the help of PE project partners.

Every month, Programa Escolhas launches a “challenge” to their 89 Digital Centers. ALL DIGITAL Week was the theme of the March challenge, and PE encouraged the centres to organise events in their communities. Locally, the centres also distributed the information through their local community partners.

Cybersecurity workshop

PE suggested some activities and asked centres to come up with other own ones relevant for their communities. Here are some of the most relevant topics and activities that ran during the Week:

  • cybersecurity (brainstorm about Cyber Security and poster/flyer design)
  • creation of a board game about Cyber security
  • planning and construction of a didactic online game about cyberbullying (using Scratch)
  • workshop with local authorities (police squad) about cyberbullying consequences
  • debate about selfies and online exposure
  • canva workshop
  • “A videoclip about my life” (classes about video tools)
  • viii. “Youtuber for a day” workshop
  • 3D Printing workshop
  • programming with Roblox
  • “Scratch 3 day marathon” – 3-day workshop
  • How to build a robot?” workshop
  • “Digital Literacy and Employability” workshop
  • “Media and social networks for the elderly” workshop
  • “IoT Everywhere” (using Cisco online course).

The big highlight of the campaign was the work done by the project which planned and constructed (with youngsters) a didactic online game about cyberbullying (using Scratch).

In total, 62 organisations organised 80 events for 1,200 participants

Cybersecurity workshop


Contact: Margarida Videira, Digital Inclusion Coordinator for Choices Programme